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Julienne Lentz is a speaker, wish granter, fundraiser, and Mrs. Claus for Make-A-Wish. They have presented her with two awards. First, the Stellar Achievement Award, which has this inscription—Thank you for soaring to new heights and reminding us that anything is possible. Second, the North Star Award, which states—The North Star, constant and bright, guided sailors and showed them the way. Like this star, you are a source of hope, strength, and joy to others.

Julienne has been published, using the names—Julienne Mascitti-Lentz in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey; Julienne Mascitti in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith; and Jules Lentz in Living By Faith.

Her first blog,, is a heartfelt account of her caregiving ups and downs during her mother’s last year. Together they were able to reconcile their past and build a loving relationship—leaving no regrets and inspiring many.

Julienne has sent over 350,000 individual inspirations. If you are interested in receiving inspirations, sign up on Contact page.

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